Wear a Milk Moustache

Milk - From Farm to Fridge - This FREE (one copy per school) bilingual curriculum-connected teaching resource complements a visit to your classroom by a County or Ontario Dairy Educator. The resource builds on students' knowledge and explores the milk production system that takes milk and milk products from the farm to our fridge.

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Wow! Milk From a Cow! - This is a primary educational resource (English and French) which contains activities and illustrations that educators can use in their classrooms. Activities include: learning about the different people who are involved with getting milk from cow to supermarket, making a banana milkshake, learning about milk products plus several other interesting activities. All pages in the booklet are fully reproducible.
Milk on The Mooove - This is a Junior level resource (Gr. 4-6) which is available in English and French. The activities in this resource are developed to complement a visit from the Dairy Educator and includes fully reproducible black line masters for classroom use.
Breeds Poster - This is a full colour poster that identifies each of the six breeds of dairy cattle found in a Canada. A detailed description of the breed accompanies each picture.
Blackline Reproducible Masters for Classroom Use - These black line reproducibles and recipes are for use in the classroom. These activities complement a visit from the Dairy Educator and are available in English and French for Kindergarten through Grade 6. All activity sheets are fully reproducible for classroom use.
Easy to Make Recipes for Children - Butter | Cheese Making | Ice Cream | Instant Pudding | Milkshake
From Moo To You - This is a multi grade resource (English and French) that explains how cow milk is produced and processed, and its nutritional impact. It also includes a matching activity, dairy scramble and word search.
Cow To Carton - This brochure provides a great overview of the dairy industry and importance of dairy products.

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