Wear a Milk Moustache

How do I book a presentation? To book a presentation, please review the program poster (English | French). Schools in Toronto should complete a request form and fax it to 905-821-0741. Schools outside Toronto should find their county or regional Dairy Educator and contact them directly to book your presentation.
Is there a fee for the program? NO! The program is absolutely free to all schools in Ontario, Canada.
How long is the presentation? The program is approximately 45 minutes in length.
Is the presentation available for intermediate grades? Most programs can be adapted for intermediate grades. Check with your local Dairy Educator to be sure.
Are the presentations available in French? Some areas offer presentations in French. Reproducibles and extension material are always available in French.
We have four teachers interested in our school – do we all need to choose the same topic? No. Each teacher can choose the topic that fits with what they are currently teaching in their class.
What supplies and/or equipment are needed for the presentation? Most presentations require a table, TV/DVD player and some board space/wall space to hang visuals. Our program also makes use of SMART Boards, IF they are available.
What do I need to do to prepare my class for the presentation? No preparation is required. Your educator will leave you with extension materials for your class after the presentation.

Is there a farm where I can take my students for a field trip? Many dairy farms do not offer tours. In the GTA, school programs are offered at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and The Canadian National Exhibition also has a working dairy farm. Check with your Dairy Educator for specific suggestions in your area.


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